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UK Men's Sheds Association

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We are thrilled to be associated with

Men's Sheds.

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Men's Sheds

We are thrilled to be associated with UK Men's Shed Association

UK Men’s Sheds Association, are the support body for Men’s Sheds across the UK. They work hard to inspire and support the development of as many Men’s Sheds as possible, for the benefit of men’s health and wellbeing.

UKMSA are a member organisation, representing UK-based Men’s Sheds. They raise awareness of the Men’s Sheds movement and the many benefits of Shedding and we support Men’s Sheds in getting off the ground and thriving as community-driven, member-led entities.

They don’t own or manage Men’s Sheds, but champion them for miles around.

UKMSA's mission is to enable access to a Men’s Shed for every man that would benefit from one and they won’t stop until they've achieved it.

What UKMSA say about us 

“We’re really pleased to be supporting The Bench UK in their innovative project encouraging people to talk more. Men’s Sheds have a reputation for making and restoring things, friendships, and improving people’s wellbeing.

We’re excited to support Men’s Sheds and Shedders to use their skills restoring benches with The Bench UK to help others re-connect within their communities outside of their Sheds to help the countries positive mental health.”  Charlie Bethel, Chief Officer, UK Men’s Sheds Association.

We invite existing and new members to contact us to get involved.

What do we ask Men's Sheds to do?

Typically, we try to purchase benches that need light restoration, rather than a complete rebuild.

This means that the essence of bench remains.

We will either supply you with the bench, wood and materials, or reimburse you for these costs (this applies for sheds that are long distances from us in Norfolk). 

Ultimately we want to connect with you to encourage restoration and conversation; we are flexible in our approach to achieving this. We welcome your input, enthusiasm and ideas.

We are working hard to find locations to 'gift' our benches to, we would be very happy if sheds are able to assist with this. Community gardens and community spaces are our usual locations, but we are happy to work with parish councils, schools and tourist attractions for example.

Either way, we'd love you to connect with us!

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UKMSA Gallery

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