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Please find some answers to some frequently asked questions.

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received since we setup The Bench UK.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

Q. Is The Bench UK a non-profit project?
A. Yes, all funds are re-invested into our project.

Q. Is The Bench UK a mental health project for just men?
A. No, mental health affects everyone, we are gender neutral.

Q. How many people do you intend to talk to?
A. Thousands! We are already talking to many people. We plan make film approximately 1000 episodes.

Q. Where are you buying the benches?
A. Click here to read about our benches and BenchWorksUk. 

Q. Where do you intend to install the benches?
A. In public places throughout the UK (planning permission/s allowing).

Q. How will the donations be used?
A. Donations will be used for all activities from to buying/restoring benches, to research, marketing/PR, admin, filming and producing each video. We envisage £100,000 will enable us to buy and install 100 benches and produce 1000 inspirations stories of people sharing their stories (click here for more information on donations).

Q. How will you ensure people you talk to get professional help if they require it?
A. We recognise that talking about personal experiences can be traumatic. We will offer ongoing support with healthcare professionals for those who require it.

Q. Do conversations occur only on the benches you buy and install?
A. No. We film on public benches which are accessible. The benches we buy and install will inevitably appear in some episodes. 

Q. What's your connection with The Check-in Co?
We are collaborating with The Check-in Co on various events and projects. These will be be announced when they are formalised.

Q. Are you looking for more people to have conservations with?
A. Yes. Anyone who is interested in sharing their story should contact us via the email link.

Q. Why is the E back-to-front in The Bench?
A. It is a metaphor for the misconceptions surrounding mental health.


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