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A Good Check-in!

We were delighted to collaborate with The Check-In.Co which will enabled us to bring a new dynamic to our project and allowed people to interact with us in a unique way.

Our first collaboration project was World Mental Health Day, 10th October, 2023.

We launched an initiative focussing on connecting with us from benches around the United Kingdom.

This included the benches that we have supplied, but also many more as part of an larger network on the day.

We are invited people to connect with us to help advertise and co-ordinate this project.

People connected with us across the country including Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge and Swansea.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

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The Check-in Co.

Founded by TV personality, Matthew Johnson, The Check-in Co encourages people to 'check-in' by writing 3 words that describe their emotions at the time.

Read more about The Check-In Co., or  why note 'check-in' below by posting 3 words that describe your emotions at this time.

The Check-In.Co is produced by Kerry Lindsay, owner of Inspiration Creation Liverpool.

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