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BenchWorks Gallery

Examples of benches past and present.

Availability and restoration status is indicated on each photograph.

BenchWorksUK is the name of our bench restoration project.

We are thrilled that a number of community workshop initiatives, including UK Men's Sheds Association are offering their services to restore benches for us.

We would also like to hear from any individuals that would like to be involved in BenchWorksUK.

We are constantly looking for benches to restore.

We search social media, online auction websites and local auctions houses.

If you have a bench you think would be suitable for us, please get in touch.

We are also very happy to receive emails from people who want to help us find benches.

We are constantly searching for locations to embed our benches.

We also appreciate that people may want input in terms of bench style and type. We will work with you to supply the bench that meets your requirements.

Please get in touch if you know a suitable location for one of our benches,

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