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Our aim

We want to inspire people to have healthy conversations with us and others.

Our conversations are filmed and published on YouTube, with the aim to inspire others to talk about their mental heath. Talking can be healing.

Image by Timon Studler

Our goal


We intend to embed 100+ benches in communities throughout the UK.

1000 videos, that's 1000 people sharing their stories and inspiring others.

TBUK Benches

Part 1

We are embedding benches throughout the UK as a symbol to encourage to healthy conversations.


Our benches represent more than a practical object to have healthy conservations on. They symbolise the need for social connectedness and belonging, whilst also representing a community initiative.

Our benches are restored and refurbished through initiatives including community workshops, creative groups and individuals. 

Our benches represent part of our project designed to unite people encouraging togetherness and healthy conversations.

Find A Bench

Then Bench UK - bronze plaque



Location Gallery

The Bench UK - Donate

BenchWorks is the name of our bench restoration project.

We are thrilled that a number of community workshop initiatives, including UK Men's Sheds Association are offering their services to restore benches for us.

We would also like to hear from any individuals that would like to be involved in BenchWorks.

TBUK Videos

Part 2

We are filming 1000 videos of people talking to us about their experiences during Lockdown.

These inspiring videos are unscripted and feature real people and real accounts of their life.

All Videos

All Videos

Watch Now

Episode 1. Stuart.

Lockdown was a particularly difficult time for Stuart. He began working from home. His life was completely turned upside down.


Talking can be healing

Talking is an important element of an effective coping strategy and good mental health.

The Bench UK encourages people to talk so the healing process can begin.

We are filming and sharing our conversations on YouTube. These are real and unscripted.

We are aiming to record 1000 videos. That's a 1000 inspirational stories to influence others.

Talk to us

The Bench UK- Donate

We invite you to talk to us!

Have you or someone you know been affected by social isolation during Covid-19?

If you would like to feature in a video and share your story, please get in touch.


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There so many ways to get involved and make a difference.

We recognise people have a vast array of skills and would love to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in

The Bench UK.





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Norfolk Therapy Room

Norfolk Therapy Room are a team of highly experienced Clinical Psychologists and Systemic Family Therapists.

Their team helped us understand the complexity of mental health and the affects of the social isolation.

We are in regular contact with them.

Partner with us

We invite a limited number of businesses, who are aligned with our goals and vision, to work with us to promote healthy conversations.

The Bench UK - Mental Heath Awareness

UK Men's Sheds Association

The Bench UK - Men's Sheds

We are thrilled to be associated with

Men's Sheds.

The Bench UK - Donate



Derek Crystal

Poet Derek is an amateur author who has written a number of books available to purchase from Amazon. He kindly offered his poem to us. It is used with his permission.

Poem. 'Cottage By The River'

Amazon store


Cromer Trophies & Engraving Ltd

Suppliers of our bench bronze plaques.


Bench restorers:

Nick, Clive and Sally, Colin, Mike

Men's Sheds:

Swaffham, Stalham, Dereham, Brundle & Acle, King's Lynn

Videos; featuring;

Stuart, Vicky, Ian, Sam, Colin, Hayley and Kelly