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Film Set

Stuart - Trailer                        

Lockdown was a particularly difficult time for Stuart. He began working from home. His life was completely turned upside down.


1. Stuart                                 

In this full episode, Stuart shares shares his Lockdown experience and how it affected him, his family and work. 


2. Vicky 

Vicky reveals a difficult period in her life when her friends distanced themselves at a time when she needed them most.


3. tbc                    


Episode 3 is currently being filmed. Details to follow shortly.

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We can stop suicide - Samaritans      

Far too many of us still struggle to even say the word ‘suicide’ out loud. Too often, the truth of how we feel remains locked up inside of us. But staying silent costs lives, every single day. We can stop suicide, if we can break the silence. Suicide can be prevented, and talking to Samaritans about suicidal feelings can stop it.


Wellbeing in the workplace  

The Wellbeing in the City resources allows you to learn at your own pace, at your desk or at home. In as little as five minutes, you can learn skills that will help you understand the importance of emotional health and have the confidence to reach out to a colleague, friend or family member who might be struggling to cope.


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